Non-Slip Shower Foot Massage Pad For Bathroom

After a busy day at work, you may want to take a shower and relax. This pad could be a great item in your bathroom, preventing you from slipping when you’re too tired to be always careful. In addition, the pad can also be used as a massage tool, relaxing the body by massaging the feet.


  • Safe and non-slip, with 55 Powerful suction cups on the bottom, which do not slip into the water.
  • Foot cleaning and massage, silica gel column, massage cleaning sole, relieve fatigue.
  • Made of TPR, environment-friendly AND non-toxic; Strong cleaning ability, smooth edge, smudge-free, smooth Surface, these will make you feel comfortable.
  • Make a simple exfoliation treatment, and relieve fatigue. You can put it in your bathtub, relax and massage at the same time.


  • Material: PVC
  • Weight: 400g
  • Diameter: 31cm
  • Color : Blue

Package Includes:

1 X Non-Slip Massage Pad For Bathroom


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